MP3CD help - how do i forward and reverse WITHIN a track ...


Feersum enjinn

I buy MP3 Cd's. This allows about 20 hours of audio onto one CD.

My problem is that i buy audio books ... so unlike music which has maybe 4 minutes per track, with audio books each track can be upto 3 hours long!!

If i play the MP3 CD on my computer, for example using "real player" then its not a problem, as i can move the tab back and forth 'within' the track and start the story where i left off ... BUT on my portable CD player (which player MP3 CD's) it only allows be to go back or skip each track. Considering there are only 7 x 3 hour tracks on the CD this is no good - if i want to stop listening 1.5 hours through a track, then i need to start it all over again the next day grrr. Oh for information my DVD player (which also plays MP3's) does the same thing, it wont allow forwarding and reversing 'within' a track.

Are there portable any MP3CD players out there that DO allow fast forward and reversing 'within' a track?

I really really need some help with this - im desperate

Thanks loads if anyone can help.


I believe the IRiver iMP-400 allows fast forwarding and reversing within tracks, but otherwise it seems to be fairly uncommon.

Feersum enjinn

hmm couldnt find a UK supplier - strange im usually good on the net. Any ideas?

If anyone else has any idea it would be helpful. I really need some portable equipment that would allow be to forward and reverse through a track. Cheaper the better :)

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