mp3 tags to flac?


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bit of a weird one this, not sure which forums it live s in :)

I have converted my 600+ CDs to FLAC using DBPowerAmp

I then down converted them to 192K MP3 and loaded them into itunes so they go onto the 'pod.

I've edited and cajoled the MP3 tags so they are now accurate and placed the correct artwork where possible.

now, I want to fix my FLAC files :rolleyes:

Is there a piece of software that will copy id3 tags from one format to another. my directory structure is exactly the same in flac and mp3 ....

\\whs\shares\music\[mp3|flac]\artist\album\artist - album - track# - track.[mp3|flac]

I could probably nobble together a DOS script to wander down the directory path as long as I could call a proggy that took track.mp3 ID3 tags and copied them (apart form the bit rate etc) to the .FLAC file

any ideas

also, is it still true that iTunes doesnt store amended ID3 tags in the header but in its own DB and I'll have to "convert to ID3tags" in itunes first?


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I use tag&rename and find it excellent. It can do batch renaming but I've never looked into that side of it.......




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MediaMonkey will auto-tag files based on the name but I can't say I have seen any software which will extract tags from mp3 and update the relevant FLAC file (I maintain both mp3 and FLAC collections too and is a pain....)


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well its taken me a while to get back to this but I've found a way using DBPoweramp scripting capabilities:clap:

here is the script in case anybody else needs it

source_dir = "E:\music_test\mp3\"
target_dir = "E:\music_test\flac\"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set dMC = CreateObject("dMCScripting.Converter")
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'dMC Specific Settings
dMC.VolumeNormalize = False
dMC.PreserveTags = True
dMC.DeleteSourceFiles = False
dMC.ConvertToFolder = True

updateSubfolders fso.GetFolder(source_dir)

Sub updateSubFolders(Folder)
    For Each Subfolder in Folder.SubFolders
 		For Each objFile in Folder.Files
		    if fso.GetExtensionName(objFile) = "mp3" then
			target_file=target_dir & objFile.ParentFolder.ParentFolder.Name & "\" & objFile.ParentFolder.Name & "\"  & fso.GetBaseName(objfile) & ".flac"	
			' Read All IDTags
			For i = 0 To 10000
				Dim ElementValue
				ElementValue = dMC.ReadIDTagElementValue(objFile, i)
				If ElementValue = "" Then Exit For
		                ' Write an ID Tag
		                Call dMC.WriteIDTag(target_file, tagname, tagValue)
		    end if
End Sub


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Hello Graham Myers,

I do realize that your post is 10 years old, but I'm really desperate to find information about using the dMCScripting object from within a MediaMonkey VBS script, and your post is the only one I found on the entire internet that combined the terms "mediamonkey" and "dMCScripting.Converter"
I am trying to make this work as we speak and my question to you is: do you still use your MM script and does it still work for you?
In my case I systematically get the error message "ActiveX component can't create object: 'dMCScripting.converter'"
I'd really appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Hans Valeton

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