MP3 recording player that isn't bitrate crippled?


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Has anyone got any good reccommendations for an MP3 player that also records?

I would like it to have an FM radio built in, takes SD cards for more expansion and also have 1GB of internal memory. I have seen one that almost meets my needs

I have seen a few others like this BUT:

If you look at the specs it only records in wav sound quality crippling bitrate of only 8Kbps!!

I have not seen any of these anywhere that don't restrict the user to a horrible bitrate. Are the manufacturers being forced by large record companies to make them like this because of piracy worries of making mp3s from the radio?

As if music pirate would be able to sell music radio recordings on a mass scale anyway with DJ's talk all over it?!

All I want is a small player/recorder to replace my minidisc. I like to travel and record foreign radio while there. An Mp3 recorder would be ideal and is better than a minidisc because it is already in mp3 (i don't have to later convert it)

Is this to much to ask these days? Technology is there. Or perhaps there is a hack for these types of recorders to get around the rubbish bitrate restrictions? If anybody could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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