MP3 players and sweat (do they mix)


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hiya folks, i couldn't really think of anywhere else to post this as it isn't really a problem.

My dad goes to the gym a lot, and he also sweats a lot, i mean bubucket loads.

He's just bought himself a cheap 256k usb mp3 player, (not great, i know, but he seems happy) however, after a while his headphones (neckband ones) become soaked and the player cuts out (the actual player, not just the headphones).

Does anyone know if this would be caused by the sweat or just a fault on the player???

i'd take it back, but he doesn't want to unless i can say whether it's faulty or not.... cheers guys.


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If you sweat a lot and you're wearing headphones, the sweat will run down the wire and potentially into the player. I suspect this does not bode well for an electrical appliance.


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I'd say it was the sweat. I am on about my 8th mp3 player now. They have been baked, soaked, tsunami'd, and superceded. I do take one into a sauna every day almost. I found that even if wrapped, the water gets in and damages it eventually. I find an aquapac solves the problem most admirably!

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or for a really fancy option get a bluetooth headset :D


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I find THESE to be very good. I didn't mention above that I also use them in a steam room as well as sauna almost every day. I've had a pair for a year now, and they are fine. They regularly get so wet that there's water dripping off them. They take it fine.

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