MP3 player with good within track navigation


Derek L

I am looking for an Mp3 player with a decent HD 20GB+ but more importantly
decent facilities to navigate within track - I record a lot of radio drama
which is typically 1 hr long and I would like the facility to bookmark a
position (or better still restart at the same position) and Fast
Forward/Fast reverse. My sony CD Atrac sometimes resatarts at the same
position but the FF/FR is pathetically slow, not much better than 2x. Other
features which would be useful are set time jump (say 5 mins) or a goto time

Any advice greatly appreciated



Distinguished Member
Ipod, put simply. Lets you set tracks as audiobooks so it remembers where you left off playing it last so you can play from that point. It can fast forward with precision or get from the start to end fast forwarding in seconds, dependant on the speed you use the clickwheel.

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