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    Hi, I am looking for an mp3 player for my mother. The hard drive doesn't have to be particularly large, anything 8GB or above should be fine.

    The need for it is mainly to play mp3 files through our hi-fi setup and possibly a dock station in the kitchen.

    The hi-fi setup is a good Cambridge Audio amplifier with a decent pair of speakers. I expect the dock to be bought in the next month or two.

    An iPod is obviously a candidate but I've not bought one for years so I'm out of touch on the specs/costs and standard of competition.

    Being able to control the iPod with a remote would be nice but not a must have and I would like something that can help produce a decent sound to the setup.

    I'm looking to get one by the end of January and my budget is around £35 to £100.

    Can somebody please give me their recommendations?
    Thanks :)

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