MP3 Player To Hi-Fi Jack sound to low help


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Hi all

Just got a MP3 Player for the wife and a NEW DAB Hi-Fi Radio.

I have connected it up using the jack and i have uped the volume to max on the mp3 player but its way to low.

I know you can up the volume on the hi-fi but the problem is you have to up the volume by 10 and that will pop the speakers if she forgets to turn it down and select the DAB radio.

I was woundering could i get some sort of amp that i can level the volume of the mp3 player to the same level as the DAB radio ?

It has to be powered but i dont know what is a decent brand.

it has a ipod dock to and i tried it with my iphone and even that was not loud i would of thought you could have presets for mp3 player inputs in this day and age.

thanks for any help


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Suppose you could buy a cheap Fiio or cmoy portable amp but it sounds like the volume control is disabled on the player, with volume being controlled on the DAB+ unit itself. Evem if that were not the case, max volume on the player would just sound horrible
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