mp3 player to connect to micro hifi system


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Parents have asked for a new micro hifi for xmas for in the kitchen. They want DAB + CD but have also requested the ability to connect an IPOD for future proofing (they see CD's going same way as tapes :) ).

Now bare in mind they a complete technophobes, they don't have a PC never mind an IPOD. (initially they would rely on me for mp3's)

I am familiar with MP3 players but have always steered clear of iPod's due to cost, iTunes and the format restrictions. I have been trying to suggest to parents they would be better off looking at a system with an AUX input so they can connect any mp3 player and not be limited to iPod.

Open to suggestions here. They will only be using mp3 player for music and would only use it in the car or kitchen. Simple UI is very important.

Off the top of my head I've listed the pros and cons to the 2 approaches.

Dedicated iPod doc built into micro hifi system

+dock would charge ipod
+hifi can control ipod (including remote)

micro hifi with AUX connection

+any generic mp3 player can be used so cheaper options available
+no concerns about future iPod interfaces not being compat with hifi dock
+no reliance on iTunes or format restrictions
-separate lead or cradle needed to charge
-controls only available from player

Appreciate comments as to what would be best long term.

Any recommendations on best generic player with a dock which would allow charging and AUX lead connection. I currently have the Samsung YP-Z5 mp3 player which is great but ancient so I am a little out of touch.


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cheers for the reply - I posted on AnythingButIpod also and suprisingly the general opionion was that for technophobes the Ipod might be the best option.

the price of the new ipod classic is very high, my parents would never fill it or use half the features and one drop and it's wrecked. I might look to get a 2nd hand ipod nano 5th generation.

Ideally the mini hifi will have noth AUX and ipod dock but they seem to only offer one or the other and not both.

Do you know if anyone sells an adaptor to allow you to connect mp3 phono out into an iPod dock on hifi?


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I think you mean the "aux input" on a hi-fi? Rather than "out". You could pick up a cheap iPod line-out-dock cable (LOD). It bypasses the internal circuitry of the iPod and people use that to connect iPods to external dacs and amps :)


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sorry i wasn't very clear

I want to go from a generic mp3 players phono output and plug into an iPod dock adaptor on a hifi............ I'm guessing this is not possible.

KJ Palmer

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No, that's not possible, except with an Ipod of course. Even if it were, there'd be no advantage, and probably some degradation of sound quality through the dock.

You should just take the MP3 player's output and feed that in using an appropriate stereo cable to a line in/aux input (or MP3 player-in) of a hi-fi unit.


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+1 for the line in, versus an ipod-specific dock. It'll work now with any generic mp3 player, and if an Ipod/dock is in the future, you can always run it in via the line in.

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