Mp3 player suggestions please


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I am thinking about getting a new MP3 player.

I was thinking about getting the Sony HD5 but are there better Sony players out there that are better now?

Also should I stay away from Ipods?


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I had the HD5. Loads of storage and a very good sound. I've now got the NWA808. More limited storage but otherwise it's outstanding: excellent sound, excellent interface, excellent screen. Erm, overall, I'd say it's pretty excellent.

(Oh all right, I know Sonicstage has its detractors but it's always worked pretty well for me.)


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I love ipods, for their intuitive menu etc. But I will never buy a full size one again, I went through 3 on dixons warranty in 2 years, granted that got me three upgrades but it's not on really. I then swapped for a zen vision m, and it was fantastic, nearly as intuitive as the ipod and a far better screen.

I then changed over to an imac and sold my pc, unfortunately getting my zen to work with the mac was more hassle than i could be doing with back then. so i bought a refurbished 1st gen ipod nano as i'd heard they were more reliable.

I've had it 7 months now an now problems at all, granted not the largest storage space but i plug it in every time i'm on my imac and swap music around.

if you're a mac user i'd recommend the nano, if you're pc user i'd recommend the zen vision m.

i've had issues in the past with sony mini disc players so i avoid all sony portables now.


The Sony NW 808 has been getting Rave reviews on here i must admit and I'm getting very tempted myself.

At the moment I'm still using an 8Gb N91 phone for portable use but i must admit i do miss the additional storage space Atrac3 compression used to give me on my HD3.

Sonicstage has it's detractors but personally I've never had a problem with it.

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