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MP3 player problems

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by snoofie, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. snoofie


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    I bought a new mp3 player the other day, and I'm pretty much already at the end of my rope.

    In the user manual, the manufacturer claims that the player can hold up to 4 hours worth of music. Fine. So once I found a program that would convert my mp3 files to wma format (a program wasn't included in the software that came with the player), I converted all of my files and set about transferring my music.

    Great. So. With the 128 mb of internal memory in my player, I can get 85 songs on it (with the wma format).

    That's not my problem, though.

    I tried putting an expansion card in the little slot, to make the memory bigger so I could get more songs. The card I put in was 256 mb, and the player recognized the presence of the card (i.e., the little icon on the LCD lit up), but I still couldn't transfer any more than 85 songs.

    I'm wondering why this is happening? Could it be that the card I used might be too big for the player? I really have no earthly idea, and I'd be thrilled if anyone could offer any advice whatsoever.

    The mp3 player is an RCA Lyra 128 mb player, just in case you needed to know.

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