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    OK i am new to this, currently buying, and playing MP3 CD's on my portable CD player. But since they dont allow fast forward and rewind within tracks, and my audio book tracks are hours long i may go buy an MP3 portable player.

    Some silly questions :-

    I assume i just put my MP3 CD's into my computer, and upload onto my computers harddrive or save directly into my MP3 players memory for listening? Is it that straightforward? and if i buy an MP3 player i assume it comes with all i need to connect to my PC.

    And i assume i can fast forward and reverse with an MP3 player. (like you can with real player etc)

    Last question, any idea where to get one? I just need a cheap one, as i am only listening to audio books and am not very fussy on the sound etc. Cheaper the better - it just has to play the damn things hehe

    any help again, greatly appreciated

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