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Hi guys,

The Mrs. is in the market for an 16Gb MP3 player, for several uses:

  • In the house, in multiple rooms
  • In the car (via AUX-IN)
  • Portable, on the way to work (on the train)
  • At hotels (on the rare occasions we get a night away from the kids!)

The priority is in that order.

She's not a "techie" (it'll likely to be me that configures this all, and imports all her music) .. so my immediate thought was to get an ipod nano or ipod touch, mainly because they're simple to use, and there are lots and lots of docking stations out there to choose from. Plus it seems the de facto standard for providing some "hi fi" capabilities in hotels these days (not that we get out that much - a few times a year).

On the "multiple rooms" thing - I'm not thinking of a multi-dock setup (expensive?!), but something that's either small enough to unplug and transport from room to room, or something that can run off batteries when needed.

Finally ... she's read a few reviews of the new nano and is worried that the sound quality won't be great. Like I said, she's no audiophile, but she definitely wasn't impressed with my Sony Arc + X Mini II on holiday last year.

So ... do I stick with the Apple route and get a nano or touch and buy a decent docking station? Are there cheaper / better alternatives that have better sound quality when on a docking station?

Would really appreciate any thoughts/comments ... don't want to blow £200+ on something she doesn't like! If I do I'll probably get :lesson:

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I personally use my iPhone 4 as my iPod, but i was in a similar situation regarding a dock.. I initially brought a gear4 party rise as it aesthetically looked nice and the reviews regarding the sound quality where good, I paid £50 for it from hmv, I made the fatal mistake of not trying it out for myself in store because when I took it home as was quite disappointed, the sound was ok and quite loud, just no base at all.. So I then realised you get what you pay for and I brought a Bose sound dock 2 from comet for £159, it's brilliant, crystal clear sound perfect base and extremely
Loud.. I'd buy one of those and get a second hand apple iPod off eBay



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It's almost like you want two things;

(a) A portable player

Which is likely to be an iPod or iPhone simply because of accessory support. Other brands only really have one official dock

and (b) A music streamer for use at home: Streamers & Network Music Players | AVForums.com - UK Online

Yes you could always just buy two speaker docks for use in different rooms. There are a myriad of streamers out there and you have to be aware you need a computer on all the time, though could be an option to add to existing hi-fi speakers. Probably looking at Logitech Squeezebox line for a beginner (no personal experience, ask the regulars in the above forum for options). Incidentally Logitech have just released a bluetooth speaker under that line but no real reviews that I can find

Though if you do already have speaker setup at home, then just a budget iPod dock would work to connect it up

Think some of the home dab/internet radio units may be transportable as well


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Much thanks for the advice so far ... will start reading up on the other forums :)



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Checked out the other forum ... think the streamers and network players would work well if I already had a decent stereo system ... but moving house / having a family / not having a free "hi-fi" room meant I sold my separates (I loved my Mission speakers especially!) ... so all we have left now is Sony DAVS550 in the lounge.

For now it's back to the mp3 player plus docking station approach I think - and she'll have to unplug it if she wants to listen to it in another room!



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From reading your first post, I get from it you want a portable music player, that can be used in a variety of locations (train, car, etc), which says to me iPod Touch (simple, easy to use UI, plus does loads more than just play music)

I also get from it, that you want to be able to play the music thats on it in multiple rooms in the house. You have a couple options here. Firstly, a simple Apple docking station, set up statically in a room connected to an existing hifi, is a very simple and easy choice. All you do is slot the iPod in, the dock itself is connected to a hifi use a 3.5mm stereo jack to twin RCA, and you can also connect a mains charger to it to charge the iPod when it's docked. The iPod can be controlled with an Apple remote also.

iPod dock : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tW0D_jgB6MA/SUAE15S8CqI/AAAAAAAAB7g/f8Li8qFLrys/s400/DSC00144.JPG

For other rooms in the house, if they have existing hifi solutions, another dock is fairly inexpensive to install. If you don't have existing hifi's in the other rooms, then a simple speaker dock, like this http://www.letsgodigital.org/images/artikelen/55/ipod-speaker-dock.jpg, are easily portable from room to room - such as from a bedroom to a kitchen, or bathroom, etc.


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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the post - yup - you've got me spot on. Could use the stereo jack to RCA on the DAVS550 and then a speaker dock in another room. Looks like Apple is probably the best bet for my needs :)

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