MP3 Player Advice Needed For Novice Consumer!

Jay Adam

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I'm thinking of buying an MP3 player, and I've never had or used an MP3 player before.

I need one for listening to audio files, with a bit of extra space left over, and someone told me that a 4GB one would suit my needs just fine.

I just need something, basic, reliable and user friendly.

My budget was £50 to begin with, but after seeing a few popular and positively reviewed ones on Argos' website for £25 and under, I'm hoping to grab myself a bargain for closer to this price.

Here are the 2 that I saw on Argos that caught my attention, but are out of stock in every store in my region:

Philips Mix 4GB MP3 Player - £24.99

Bush 4GB Slim MP3 Player - £13.99

1)As someone who is pretty clueless in this area, can anyone tell me if there's anything/any makes I should look our for that will help me and prevent me from making any mistakes please?

2)As an experienced and confident Ebay buyer, I've seen a few that have caught my attention:

a) £22.50 in total (Don't know battery standby time, but lets assume its' 10hrs+, which is want I would want):

b)£19.99 total

c)£18.90 total

d)£13.45 total

Just as a guideline, any of the above worth looking into further that may suit my needs, and any that should be totally avoided?

3)Could any one please recommend a few MP3 players for up to the £30 mark that would suit my needs (4GB, basic, reliable, for just audio) and tell me where I could buy it from?

Thank you :)



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My best advice is to avoid those eBay ones, there all no-brand with lousy build quality so while they may be cheap as chips there's a reason for that. Plus I would never buy a product that has a photo of an iPod on it's page in the hope that someone will mistake it for one, as for the Samsung one, well it's not a Samsung, it's made by Rhino (yeah, who?) and uses flash memory from Samsung.

Decide what you want from the player then head over to Amazon and read what everyone thinks of the respective players. I would forget about the sub £20 models and go back to your original price range, for a budget player I would look at the Sandisk Sansa Clip+, £35 for the 2gb, £40 for the 8gb, really nice sound quality and they can take micro sd cards so you can add more storage if you run out of space.

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