MP3-on-DVD player for under £50?


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I have converted my CD collection to MP3 format, and the whole thing fits onto 1 DVD disc. Now all I need is a player, which will be connected to my Sony AV amp, probably with an optical cable. I'm looking for one of those cheapo DVD players which plays MP3s, but do they do a decent job of it?

I thought this was a simple request, but then I bought a player from Dixons online and I can see there are pitfalls to be avoided. The machine I bought (which I'll be returning) can't read MP3s stored on a DVD disc. And when you try a CD full of MP3s, it has to scan through the files before it can play them and this takes around half an hour (actually, I gave up after a while, but it was ridiculous).

Ideally, the machine would be able to "shuffle" tracks, both in the current directory and on the whole disc. Reading/selecting different directories is a must. And of course, it must be able to read MP3s on DVD discs (I use DVD+, if that makes a difference). "Resume" would be handy, but not essential.

The visual quality doesn't bother me, as I won't really be using it for movies.

So, any ideas to get the ball rolling?

Thanks in advance,


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