mp3 music


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oh dear,you'll be getting told off :nono:
i imagine since the demise of win mx due to a new ruling in the states it's only a matter of time before these sites dissappear totally.


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We can only give advise about legal download sites.


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Not to forget iTunes, Connect and mycokemusic


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just to save people time, for people to know if they don't already - theres no point signing up for MSN music, and mycokemusic or any other powered by OD2 because they have exaclty the same music choice at the same prices, so just sgin up for one.


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LFC_SL said:
Not to forget iTunes, Connect and mycokemusic

Last time I used mycokemusic they never had mp3, they dealt in .wma exclusively. Has that changed now?
If not, it's worth pointing out to the original poster, as well as mentioning that iTunes only deals in .aac

You'll need to be sure of compatibility of your DAP before downloading these formats.


Me, too! :)

People, bear in mind we're only allowed to promote/discuss digital download sites that are LEGAL IN THE UK (not sure if someone from, say, Russia joining this forum would be allowed to discuss a site deemed legal there but not elsewhere - perhaps a moderator could please advise on this one?).

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