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MP3 folder navigation on hifi via USB


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I have just bought my 7yr old a Bush microhifi (basic but sound is good) which has a USB port, into which I have plugged her Sony 6 series walkman 16gb). Folder navigation is proving a pain though! We have only about 100 songs on the MP3 player at present, but when I put the hifi onto 'random' play it gets stuck on the fifth song it plays, sort of stuck in whatever the folder is. Does anyone know how I can either get the songs onto the mp3 player in a folderless way, or have any other ideas how to resolve this? Its a real niggle.

Don Dadda

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Most devices that read music from a USB stick have a strict limit as to how many levels of folder structure they can access.

Remember they are operating on basic chipsets and firmware , they are not computers and cannot navigate like them.

Add to that the fact that its not a USB stick your reading from , but rather a player in "mass storage mode" and that just makes the problem worse , as the music will be buried under at least of couple of OS layers on that device , so 5 folders is probably its limit. Theres nothing you can do about that really.

Best option is Don Daddas , get a USB stick and put your music on that , your microhifi should have no issues with it.


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We're looking for something small that will play files arranged in folders (eg albums) from USB sticks. I looked at one with a USB port but it didn't show folder names on the screen, just picking up on the ID3 tags on the files themselves. Any suggestions on something small and cheap that would do it?



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... but not sure if you can navigate through the folders on the usb though eg the Bush one plays the folder names when using an mp3 player, and it plays the mp3s from the USB stick, but not yet tried putting folders on the usb stick and navigating them
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