Mozilla Thunderbird consistently Spinning Wait cursor

Hey all,

I am running Thunderbird 15.0 on my MBA (Mid-2011 1.8Ghz i7), and as soon as a few emails have arrived in the Inbox, I tend to select the spam messages, and get rid of them. However, Thunderbird consistently freezes on this, and every step hereafter involving multiple message selection/deletion/move etc. etc.

I used to have exactly same setup in Windows 7, and then I ported over to Mac earlier this year to Lion, and now Mountain Lion. The issues have been there for last couple of months, and drive me up the wall.

Any idea what I could do to get it working perfect again ?


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Precisely what action causes it? The selection of messages? Or only after you click "delete". Compact folders? Delete imap cache?
Selection of messages causes it, and when I delete, it happens again. There is no IMAP, I have Gmail, Hotmail and work email all on POP3.

I have compacted the folders (Inbox/Sent) many times, and still face this issue. Any ideas ? Thanks for replying.

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