MovingPictures MP plugin and .MDF image files


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I have just installed Daemon tools lite, and have created a .mdf image of a DVD film. For some reason, Daemon tools would not let me make an .iso file, so I had to make a .mdf instead.

When I tried to import the file using the MovingPictures plugin, nothing seems to happen at all. It doesn't even try to find matches, it's like it doesn't even see the file.

The message at the bottom of the screen is "scanning local media sources (1/1)" greyed out.

Is there a way to get the movingPictures plugin to work with image files?

Any advice is greatly appreciated - thanks!:)


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Moving Picture I believe only sees those file types that are configured in MP > Video > Video Extensions. Add .mdf to that list in MP Configuration and the file should atleast be recognised.


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I downloaded a plugin from Daemon that allowed the software to make .iso files. I then added the file type to MediaPortals list of files as per the previous post.

The film was added and is now watchable on MediaPortal, however I am having issues with the sound, which I have described in another thread.


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