Moving to Virgin - can I re-use Sky cabling and distribution kit?


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Fed up with the Sky signal dropping all the time when the trees around us are in full bloom, we've decided to go for Virgin Media for TV, broadband and phone.

A few years ago we had a distribution system set-up for Sky with a distribution box in the loft and then co-ax runs to most rooms with a faceplate. This also carries FM and DAB signals.

Will I be able to use the existing cabling runs at all? Main reason is that all the cables are now in the walls and most of the external cables are hidden as well so would rather not have any new cables running visibly.

VM will also be fitting a second box in a back room - this room will be the most problematic to wire up due to its location.

Any idea if I can re-use the distribution amplifier or cabling?



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there is no RF2 output on a virgin box (or sky either anymore) so the current setup wont work....

you will be able to distribute the picture using one of these:{86F5253D-76C3-41B6-8BEA-008A662D5C2B}&Tab=0

for control of the sky box from the remote rooms might be slightly trickier though, if you have a CAT5 going to each TV you could relay the IR that way, otherwise a power mid kit.


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The Tri-link kit will also offer the controlling element of the RF2 that the Sky box has in it, so basically Tri-Link and Virgin (scart out) and your be sorted


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Sorry pressed sent to quick!!

VM can wire up to your distribution amplifier and barrel through their feed to the location of the second box.


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IF you have one cable from VM box location to the loft you can use this to carry signal to second box but I'm not sure if it will go through the distribution amp (as this is speced for the UHF channels not the virgin allocations) if you have more than one then you can use one to send VM and one to send modulated video from box to DA. vex should know he used to design cable TV networks, drop him a PM with the relevant cable info.

Also note if your install was done with cheap coax rather than sat grade this may not work and you may loose too many db on the cable feed. ALso I,m not sure if virgin installer will go into loft and do it for you they like sky tend to just do external/internal tacking. I have had them install onto pre laid cable on refurb jobs and it has been fine but this is only ever into the main rack and not all round the house on distribution.

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