Moving to new house... want to mount over gas fireplace... dont want to pierce flue.


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first off, apologies for the duplicate post (i posted over in the mounts section), but on second thoughts, felt here may be a better place to post.

Moving to our new house this week.

The lounge has a pretty nice marble mantle piece around a new gas fire.

Due to having a 17month old baby, i would like the tv on the wall so its out of reach, obvious place is above the mantlepiece (its a little bit higher than i would like long term though).

On our current place we used 75mm coach bolts (think it was 10 of them) that went into a single depth breezeblock inner wall.

Im thinking of using 10 65mm bolts on this new place, but obviously dont want to pierce the flue of the gas fire.

Any way of sussing out how deep I can go?

Also recommendations on where to get these bolts thanks.



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Depending on the size of the tv using 10 may be overkill?


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Hi opencube
I think it depends on what type of chimney/flue you have as to where and how deep you can drill into. I've got similar intentions to yourself with regard to mounting the tv over the fireplace, so its something I've been looking into.

My gas fire has a pre-cast flue which as I understand it exits the fire and then runs up the wall cavity in flue blocks before exiting through the roof ridge tiles. I have been told that any kind of drilling into the flue blocks is definitely not advisable, even if you don't go in deep. Is your chimney like this or do you have a proper brick chimney?

Actually, while I'm here someone may be able to advise (and it may help opencube?)- as I say I believe my flue runs in the wall cavity but downstairs there is a shallow chimney breast (nothing upstairs). Is this likely to be another layer of breezeblock in front of the flue blocks? Or will the flue run in the shallow chimney breast up to the ceiling before disappearing into the cavity?

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