Moving, so new TV advice please


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Hi everyone,
This is my first post so bear with me!

I am moving into a bungalow, the only place for the TV is on a west facing wall, the south and east walls have large windows or glass doors, so reflections could be an issue.
But most of our viewing will be done during the evening when it will be very dark, sitting around 2-2.5 metres away, watching HD TV channels and UHD movies from Sky,Netflix and Prime.
What I really want to know is what recommendations do you guys suggest I go with regarding size and model based on my situation.
Ideally I am looking at up to £1000
Thanks in advance


if direct in front of tv I say this one
or a 55 inch lg oled b9.
now seems a bad time to buy a TV not many deals around maybe easter time hopefully more.


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Thanks, yeah I may wait until Easter, especially with new models being released by LG, there may be some good deals around on previous models.


There's not a whole lot of choice if buying new in the mid range right now. Usual recommendations are the Hisense U8B followed by Samsung RU8000 but they seem to have sold out at major retailers.

To get a TV that has the best anti glare you need to look at Samsung's Q80R and above. For the best performance in dark conditions, an OLED. You cannot have both a TV that is fantastic in dark conditions, and also good during the day but the Samsung Q80R and above will be the closest balance you'll find.

It may be worth considering models like the Sony XG9505 or XF9005 from the Sony centre refurb site: Sony Centre - Refurbished they come and go fast because the prices recently have been very good. They only have good, rather than great anti reflection filters like the Samsung Q80R and up, but they should be quite a bit cheaper.

Brand new I'd suggest raising your budget for at least the Samsung Q80R, preferably the Q85R. The cheaper Q70R will be pretty good too, but reflection handling isn't as great.
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