Moving room around, need help with speaker placements.


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Morning all,

We are moving our front room around in order to fit a fireplace and get the room feeling a bit more 'cosy'.

We moved into the house last September, it was our first house so didn't have a great deal of furniture to move in but we are slowly getting more and now wanting a fireplace which means having to put the tv in the corner instead of being mounted on the wall.

Sofa has been moved along to accommodate the chair, hence why the rear speakers are now out of place.

Problem now is I need the speakers to work for the chair and sofa.

What are peoples thoughts of putting speakers right up into the corner of the room?

Or I was thinking of leaving the speaker behind the chair, then locating the one behind the sofa so this is located behind the end of the sofa near the radiator on the right?

Next up is due to the size of TV it will take up a fair amount of the corner space and be close to the curtains not giving a great amount of space for speakers either side...any suggestions?

You can just see above the foot rest a single socket, this is where the fireplace will be going.

I have posted pics below to help visualise the room, sorry about the mess my dog decided to destroy a toy just before the photo was taken!


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Personally I would mount the rears on the side wall either end, a few inches from the corner. I would also mount the screen above the new fireplace rather than in the corner. It feels high initally, but you soon get used to it and it feels quite natural after a while. This has the benefit of keeping the focus of the room in one place rather than confusing it.
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