Moving pets long distances


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We are moving from Hertfordshire to Devon (a 3 1/2 hour journey on a good day) and have two cats who do NOT like travelling. I'm planning to speak to the vet to see if sedation is an option, but ideally this would be a last resort as medication is a solution we would rather avoid if possible.

Any advice you could provide regarding how do to this in safe and stress-free way is very welcome!


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Short journeys in the car is something you could try, I actually did this with Millie and the bus, to save me humping her up to the vet and now she will quite happily sit with her head through the carrier lid watching the world flash by.
Bit of info here.
Some people swear by Feliway but it does not help all cats obviously.
Feliway Cat Travel Tips


+1 for Feliway. But use it for a few days prior in small amounts on/near their usual bedding so it doesn't come as a shock when you first use it. Douse their travel boxes with the stuff and pop them in a good hour or so before you depart so it has chance to work its magic.

You'll also need ear plugs. For you not the cats.
And plenty of poo bags, kitchen roll, towels and don't feed them from the night before.
Small amount of water in the box with them and if possible plenty of draught blowing through to keep them cool.

Moved ours 500 miles over a 10 hour journey with two ferry crossings and they're none the worse for wear.


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There are companies who transport cats and dogs, in fully kitted out vans with space for them to move around.

I looked into them when I adopted a cat from Mallorca. They quoted me north of £3k as far as I recall but that was a hell of a journey of thousands of miles and 2 ferries, from an island in the Mediterranean, across Europe through the Channel and then across to Ireland.

I'd imagine that for a few hundred miles across England it shouldn't be too expensive and probably a more pleasant experience for them.
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