Moving PAYG K800i from Vodafone to O2


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Hello there,

My SE K800i is on PAYG from Vodafone and has just passed its one year anniversary. Now for various reasons I'm thinking of moving to O2 PAYG.

I believe that as it is over one year old that I can get an unlock code from Vodafone, so is it just a case of inserting an O2 sim card to move it across, or is there anything else that I would need to do?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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You can ask Vodafone to unlock it and they will probably charge for doing so. The cost might mean it's not worth doing, as it could be cheaper to sell yours and buy an O2 locked, or unlocked K800i instead. They can be bought for around £50, the unlock is likely to be £10-20.


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I'm sure Vodafone don't charge for unlocking codes. (indeed since spring '09 they have supplied unlocked handsets)
When the handset is unlocked, you will need to have the O2 settings sent to you (and you must save them). This should happen automatically within a few minutes of switching on. If not you will see a menu option "Get Settings" in the new O2 menu that will appear.
Note that the phone will retain the Vodafone colour scheme.


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Voda' have only been supplying contract handsets unlocked, not PAYG handsets.


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Thanks for the help,

I think that as long as you've had the phone for over a year then VF do not charge - but I guess I'll found out when/if I phone them for the unlock code.

When you say "When the handset is unlocked, you will need to have the O2 settings sent to you " - do you mean after the handset is unlocked and the new O2 sim card inserted, or have I misunderstood the process.

Thanks again

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