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I'm moving out in a few weeks, so I will be getting Sky as a new subscriber. 2 years ago we upgraded to sky + with multiroom . I got the sky + set up in my bedroom as I was paying for it etc.

The question is my Mum & Dad obviously dont want multiroom when i've gone so that can be cancelled. The Sky + will still be free due to their subscription.

But they only have the standard box downstairs ?
They should and do want the sky + box.

How much would this cost to switch ?

Or how would you go about solving this problem.




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perhaps i've missed something, but why don't you just give them your + box and get a new one? 'especially as the boxes are sooo temperamental and don't live long.

i got a voucher the other day offering sky+ for £50, and rebate of 50% of first 3 months bill. Bargain! i'm sure it was just a web address, or something like that, will let you know.


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I am leaving the Sky +, but they want it downstairs . Cant imagine you can just swap boxes that easily.


I'm a bit confused, who exactly is subscribing to Sky, you or your parents? If the sub is yours then there's no reason why your parents can't simply get a new customer install for Sky+ to anwhere they like in the house. If it's in their name then give them the Sky+ box and all they'll have to do is add another cable feed to the downstairs so they can plug the Sky+ box down there.


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It's their sub. But they want the sky + box that is upstair moving now to downstairs.

How easy is it to add a cable feed? Could you explain how to do it please ?

thanks :smashin:


The Quad LNB on the satellite dish has four available feeds. Currently one is going to the digibox downstairs and two is going to your room. You can either replace the single cable feeding downstairs with a dual CT63 Coax (shotgun cable), similar to the cable feeding the Sky+ in your room or add another CT100 cable to run alongside the existing single cable. Whether you or your parents are up to this yourselves or you could just get a TV installer to do it for you.

This might help:

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