Moving on from Tag Mclaren/B&W Nautilus - Receiver Advice, please?


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Hi all,

I'm going to be moving in with the other half in a few months and therefore some changes are required to my AV setup.

Currently I have the following setup used for both movies and music.

Tag Mclaren AV32R DP / 100x5 / DVD32R
B&W 805 Signatures L&R / HTM2 Centre / SCM1 Surrounds
Velodyne DD10 Subwoofer

Video: PS3 (for Blurays)
Virgin TV V6 but may be Sky+HD, or Sky Q
Google Chromecast TV
Amazon Firestick
Lumagen Radiance XS3D
JVC X35 Projector (1080)

The future setup needs to be a bit easier to use with my Logitech Harmony (I am aware this won't work forever given the recent announcements).

Other considerations:
New setup will have to be 4.1 and I'll be keeping the 805 Sigs, Velodyne, X35, LG TV, Sky, Chromecast and Fire Stick. (Watch these forums for the sales threads in future!)

The plan would be to connect sources direct to a new receiver and send video to either the projector or TV.

To the details and your sage help, so I need recommendations for the following - I'm happy to go 2nd hand:
  1. Receiver - I will need something that will pass through 4K for the TV and HD for the projector. It also needs to deliver excellent quality sound, hopefully comparable to the TAG stuff. Anthem 5X0?
  2. Disc player - A 4K and 3D Blu-Ray HDR capable unit that also plays CDs well. Panasonic DP-UB450EB?
  3. Surround speakers, something of high quality but much less obtrusive than the SCM1s (this is not hard!). There is the possibility of in wall or in ceiling.
  4. I am not sure whether to put the Lumagen in between the receiver and projector - thoughts on that one welcome.
Sadly, I don't have the same kind of budget that I used to, so hopefully my ideas give you an idea of the kind of thing.

Any other thoughts very welcome and thanks in advance!

Here's the layout. S = speaker, P = Power, H = HDMI port. the "rack" will be under the TV with in-wall wiring and posts to save running cables around the room.

sounds fine

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Had your Tag System as my main set-up, yet with ProAc/Wilson Bensch ACT speakers (Tag gear now in the office, DVD32R replaced with a streamer)... I went from Tag Mclaren to CHORD. To me CHORD is end game and cured me of un-grade-itise.

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