Moving Image distortion on Pioneer PDP434HDE


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I have a strange problem with moving images where they seem to stretch and distort, and I can't find any threads about it.

I notice it on faces in closeup and if the head nods, it's like one half nods but the other half doesn't and the image kind of stretches where the join is. More noticeable in a high contrast picture eg strongly lit from one side with the other in shadow.

Does anyone know what causes this, and more importantly if there is anything that I can do to fix it?

The plasma is, of course, out of warranty.

All viewing is through a Sky HD box, but it also did it with the old Sky+ box (which I had thought would be the culprit, but obviously not).

Any help appreciated.


have you checked whether switched to wide or full? I find mine does same on wide as it tries to pan making it look like the distortion on the edges of a lens. switch to full with lower right hand button on remote


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I can see where you are coming from but I normally use "full" for ws content and "zoom" for 4:3 so I don't think it's a widescreen stretching issue.

The problem is most noticeable when the shot is stationary rather than panned, and the face could be right in the centre of the screen.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


Ray of light here.

Mate is a Pio engineer and the countermeasure for the 434 and the Sky HD over HDMI problem is a total swapover of the Media receiver box!

So, if your box if faulty you can get a new one anyway by claiming that you have the Sky HD problem :thumbsup:

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