moving house, what would be better?



I'm moving house, and am wanting to upgrade my sky to sky+.
I already have everything but the sports channels.
I do not intend to have a landline at all.

My options are this as far as i see..

1.cancel my sky subscription at the current address and get a new sky+ one at the new address.
2.move my subscription to my new address and pay for the upgrade to sky+.
3.get a sky+ box from an independant retailer ( existing dish at my new place ) and get sky to marry my old card to my new box with the sky+ upgrade..

which option would be better and cost less..


If you want Sky+ without a phone line you will have to go through an independant. Sky will not supply a + without a working landline. Also, they will not support the box if it goes wrong and was not supplied by them.


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If you do ring Sky then do not tell them you knocked it otherwise they will charge you.

As an independant I usually charge £30 to re-align a dish.

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