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Moving house - packing up


Prominent Member
OK, in the process of moving out of my house to a flat...

Got a load of stuff to move, any ideas were the best places to get decent size boxes from to pack stuff into ?

Supermarkets tend to recycle them all now....


Prominent Member
OK, in the process of moving out of my house to a flat...

Got a load of stuff to move, any ideas were the best places to get decent size boxes from to pack stuff into ?

Supermarkets tend to recycle them all now....

Have a look on eBay, you should be able to get some boxes flat packed. If you can't find what you want on there, then it doesn't exist.

Also try a search on google, just a thought.

eric pisch

Distinguished Member
only places i have seen that sell boxes that you can walk in and buy are the storage company's like yellow box, not cheap ..


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Try Yellow Pages, look up packing and packages or similar. When we moved, I bought all the boxes from a small local firm that supplied boxes, bubble-wrap, brown paper, brown packaging tape and a whole lot more. Not bad value either.


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And buy twice as many as you think you need. When we moved out a 2 bed townhouse a few years ago, we ended up visiting the box shop 3 times after totally underestimating how much crap we'd got :).
Although those same boxes have now been borrowed twice by family moving - so we did our bit for the planet.

Adam Shaw

Established Member
Go to McDonalds on Saturday afternoon, ask for a load of chip boxes, and bung them a tenner for them.

I used them to move around at uni for 4 years, perfect size and strength.


Distinguished Member

Having just moved (again) yesterday, I would also recommend buying lots of small-to-medium sized boxes that can be easily carried by one person, rather than fewer large or very large boxes, that require two people to carry them! :lesson: (If you've got a removal company helping you, ask them if they can supply you with some good quality boxes!)

Simply put, I've found that when moving, you are faced with two choices:

- have lots of little boxes, but fill them full, so they are nice and firm for stacking in the removal van, yet not too heavy that an average-sized, reasonable adult can't pick them up on their own unaided, OR

- get some large boxes, but you then have to either a) fill them only half-full, because otherwise they can't be moved easily (and don't forget the boxes need to be easily moved through average doorways, which aren't much wider than about a-foot-and-a-half!), AND/OR b) fill the large boxes absolutely full, but then no one can move them, and they can't be moved easily through doorways.

So, buy small, fill-them-up as best you can, but make sure they are still able to be lifted by an everyday person, even if you have got removal firm people helping you. It's better for you, for them, for your physical health, and for your sanity! :lesson: And mark on each box, what's inside it, and where it's to go in your new place (e.g. Bedroom - Clothing, Footwear, or Kitchen - Cutlery, Plates and Similar) :)



Prominent Member
Try your local off-licence - they have strong boxes that can carry about the weight that most people can manage, and the size is handy for lots of things like books, cds, dvds etc. A dozens bottles of Champagne is quite heavy - almost 20KG!!


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How about going to a furniture shop & see if they have any boxes left over? I know someone who works with recliner 'lazy boy' chairs & they come in big sturdy boxes.
Where are you?


These any use? available from Monday at Lidl:

Lidl Online the next product in the line up is a smaller, stronger, cheaper book removal box.



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We used mad4boxes last time we moved, too, and they were very good... Delivered quickly, a good variety of sizes and shapes and strong enough to carry pretty much anything.


Prominent Member
My tip, be ruthless, all that crap you haven't used for 10 years will still be crap you don't use in your new flat, bin it before you move then you won't need 1/2 the boxes

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