Moving house - continue sky?


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Perfect timing, we're moving house just as my first year subscription is up. Do you:

1. junk sky and try to find a similar all in 1 offer for the same price?*

2. renew your deal with sky and carry on?

We've got Plus and Broadband for the £16/month. However sky write to me and say it goes up £5/month unless I choose to add Talk - which we're happy to.

Im inclined to junk sky because well it seems a swizz (as mentioned in other thread about recording). The bonus of Plus, is that the missus can use it (opposed to the dvd-hdd). The plus box, not yet a year old, freezes up ; I guess i should get a technician out, whilst under warranty.

MOVING; so how easy is it to move? On the sky site i can see mention of £60 setup fee. I get the idea sky like to HIT existing customers. However, the new house might need a pole to be mounted on... so guess I'll be onto ebay to buy a half cobbled pole. Total cost rising to more like £100.
... is there a cheaper way? Can a non sky person set up a digital satelite; do local TV shops often to it (and well)?

*at the new house, as far as im aware, Cable is not present. And im sure theres no fibre optic malarky; so virgin are out??!!??
**NB: other than drops at peak time, the internet is fine; not the quoted 2mb, but adequate and the Wireless router faultless.

I'd upgrade to HD for £49, if it was worth my while, but we dont own a HD set, and there arent many hd channels and worse still we dont want to pay the extra £10/m; the plan being that in a years time we'll go Free-sat.

3. Hmmm, would buying a Humax freesat now make sense? I presume you could use the sky dish that I own, right? And the signal - can i feed this to my non-hd-ready tv??? Can you get Discovery on freesat?


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As I cannot get Virgin in this new road; Im stuck with either Sky or O2. Now going with O2 means I need to get tv somewhere else - say Freesat.

Can I have my cake and eat it?

Is it possible to have my sky setup (by 3rd party) at the new address, running, and also plug in my Freesat cable? Will the dish be pointing at the right place?

I fancy moving my current sky dish/package so that I have the option of kicking it off at any given time; rather than sign up for another 12 months.

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