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    I currently have Family Pack and a Sky+ box which is just used as a normal box. I will be moving in a few weeks with a short stay in rented accomodation before our new house (barn) is finished. I will most likely cancel my existing sub when I leave here.

    When I am ready to move into the barn conversion I intend to put up a new minidish with a quad LNB. I will then order Sky+ with a new box and have my existing box upstairs on a mirror sub. I also intend to upgrade to the movies package (movie world?).

    Can anyone tell me:

    1. How much will the new Sky+ box cost me as I have been an existing subscriber? Should I go for a Sky installaion or get a box myself? I plan to install dish and cabling myself anyway.

    2. If I have a second Sky+ box upstairs, will the mirror sub allow me to use all the recording features on that one too? Also, will I get movies up there?

    3. How much will the whole package cost? I understand that Sky have dropped or reduced some charges lately?

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