Moving House and Sky options


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I'm moving house in 3 weeks time and am trying to decide how best to deal with moving the SKY.

I currently have a Sky+160, a Sky+ and Broadband Max

My options as I see it are to pay Sky £50 to do a move and have the boxes installed at the new place, but I remember when I moved and did this a year or so ago that the engineer was less than keen to install it how I wanted it i.e. cables looked crap running across the roof etc….. I might be wrong but I assumed it was because he was on a fixed price for the job and he wanted to do it as easily and quickly as possible which I fully understand.

I wasn't bothered then ‘cos it was only a short term rented house but I'd like it done properly now!!

I assume I could get an independent in who I'm sure would route it exactly as I want because after all I'm paying for it, if I did this then I was also thinking I could get a Octo LNB and get hold of an additional Sky+ box because 3 would be ideal.

Would an Indy cost a lot more than the Sky Home Moving option and does anybody have anybody they would recommend in the South Manchester area.

Any advice appreciated - cheers


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Sorry - I should have said that the house I'm moving too already has a dish and cabling for 2 standard boxes which will help if I do get in an indy


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Just got off the phone to SKY.

They are doing the move for Free and supplying a 3rd SKY+ box for £109

So all in all I'll have 3 Sky+ boxes. They do now fit Octo LNBs which is good news.

I'll offer the Engineer a bit extra to route the cables as I want them so hopefully all will be good.


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I've just moved house and had to have a standard installation of a single sky+ dish, the Indy engineer whom did it was great and asked if I wanted any additional work i.e. magic eye etc (obviously at a price), so I guess some are open to extra jobs.

As for the cables he was happy enough to go sideways around my house and over the garage rather than the usual throw over the roof option, which suited me a treat. This was at no extra cost.:)

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