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moving horizontal lines

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by minijay, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. minijay


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    hi again all

    just got my new 42" philips plasma 42pf9955 :clap: and just realised how heavy they are. arm ache :(

    hooked it all up been through all the menus etc.

    watched a r2 dvd and the quality of the picture is fantastic its like real life images 2 meters in front of you. amazing
    put the tv to sky quality degrades slightly as you would imagin dvd is much better....

    only prob i seem to get is wavey lines moving up the screen.
    this only happens when i watch a r1 disc on my chipped dvd player. it outputs ntsc im told......
    i was told that a ntsc signal would be better for my screen than pal (dont quote me was a while ago) shouldnt loose to much info :confused:

    the tv supports both ntsc formats but this rolloing effect is only slight and only noticable on slow screens or darker screens.

    have i missed something that may fix this.
    i have 4 scart sockets 2 rgb compatible so i have sky in slot 1 and dvd in slot 2. put my ps2 in slot 3. havnt really tried this yet....

    both the sky and dvd are outputting rgb in there menus.
    i also selected svideo from the menu when the scart was beein used the image just seemed to sharpen up a hell of alot. to sharp i would say so went back to rgb....

    like i say the problem is only with r1 disc's. could it be the chip causing the problem.

    would a multi region dvd with progressive scan solve the problem.

    or am i barking up the wrong tree.

    cheers for your help people dunno where i would be now with out the forum.

  2. NeilMcRae

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    Have you got another NTSC source to test? Check to make sure that you have a decent SCART cable from the DVD player to the screen +and+ that you have the DVD player outputing in RGB mode - should be an option somewhere in the setings. Also make sure that the DVD player is connected to a SCART socket that will take an RGB image.

  3. minijay


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    im using a gold scart lead and i do not have another ntsc device off the top of my head....

    its plugged into socket 2 of the tuner box which is rgb compatible and the dvd is outputting rgb.

    now i think about it i think there was a secret menu which consisted of codes and you type a code for a set opton.

    would making the dvd player output to ntsc be better i think its set to pal 60 at the mo.... maybe wrong......

    i think my mate has got the region hack for the ps2 would that output ntsc or would it convert it to pal 60 first.....might try and get it.

    made a pc cable for it last nite. get those lines real bad like watching tv through a camera. maybe not quite as bad....
    i didnt connect the grounding cable to the shell this may be the problem. cable is about 10 meters long too might also be bad....

    oh well let us know what you think.

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