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Just about to move home... and before i ring up Sky for their huge moving cost.. a couple of questions..

I have Sky+, plus 2 extra boxes... Do u think Sky will charge a one off moving cost, of 99 quid to move all three connections or 3 sets of cost.

And where do we stand on the Dish?.. is this ours, the new buyers or Sky?.. Do i take it?

What do you think?


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Not a great help for you but - I recently moved and fortunately there was already a dish in the new place - I was initially concerned whether my SKY+ would work or it would need re-registering or something - but I moved in and plugged in and I was up and running again..

(Must admit tried to speak to SKY before the move - and I reckon it was an Asian call centre who were just reading info straight of their screens - bloody useless and drove me crazy - I gave up and just prayed it would work when I moved in - luckily it did)

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my girlfriends dad was in same position as u. and it was he done my idea :devil:
if your over your 12month period cancel ur sub.
then call and get sky in ur partners name (or whoevers name it isnt under at mo) and get a fresh install with multi room etc and get 3 months half price and all the rest of the blurb,
ul get a new sky+ box plus another 2boxs for ur multirooms.tell the engineer uv got an old +box u brought off ebay or something and wire that up as part of your multiroom
when the installs done for you give sky a ring and tell em uv brought a 2nd hand + box and uv put it to one of your multi rooms and to activate features (they may not even be disabled??) your old sky+box is your property after 12 months anyhow so they cant say anything about it.
so for £45 ul get all new boxes inc warranties plus 2 +boxes and your first 3 months half price which will cover the cost of the sky+box, so ur move will work out free plus ul have 2 +boxes which im sure will keep the kids happy if one box is for them, not to mention keep thye kiddie junk off your own box lol

Daddy k

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oh and another thing
if you have a good friend/relative who has sky and would love sky+ but dont want to pay for the box get em to recomend you as a new customer when ur doin ur move etc and they will get a free sky+ box too

so for £45 too laid back ul be getting:
1. free move and install
2. a free sky+ box for a friend/relative too
3. 2 sky+boxes
4. free multiroom install
5. new warranties
6. and 3 months half price which will prob cover the initial outlay of £45 in the 1st place which means ull get 3 sky+boxes in total plus another standard box, move/install for free! and ul make ur friend happy too (well untill live pause breaks ;) )

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