Moving from Sky Q to Freesat (LNB question)


Asking on behalf of my parents.

My parents are looking to get rid of Sky Q in the new year and are looking at going to Freesat. I was doing a bit of digging around for them to see how this could be achieved and came across a few things online about the Sky Q LNB's not being compatible with Freesat.

Can anyone shed any light on this and any possible fixes or if there are any compatible Freesat boxes now.


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The Sky Q box requires a Wideband LNB, however this is not compatible with many Freesat receivers. The only one I'm aware that does claim to support Wideband LNB is the Arris 4K Freesat box.

However if the LNB that was fitted was a "hybrid", it may have 2 Wideband ports and 2 standard ports. I have a Sky Q running happily with a hybrid LNB, with an old SKY HD box connected to the standard ports.


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As above.

The only currently made freesat PVR is compatible with the Q and then has 4 tuners to record with. How to Get Freesat | Freesat

TVs with freesat built in and older PVRs need to have the LNB swapped which is d-i-y with care if the dish / lnb is easily and safely accessed.

Been covered umpteen times so read the older threads for how etc.,.

Very few $ky Q installs would have a hybrid LNB fitted - usually only when customer demanded one to use other sat / freesat receivers in the home.


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If you have a simple twin output LNB for the Sky Q box, then the new 4K (Arris) Freesat box will allow recording of 4 programmes while watching a 5th recorded programme.

However, if for any reason your parents have a Hybrid Sky LNB (four or more outputs on a Sky branded LNB, it could be an auto-switching LNB. This will still work, but you will only have the ability to record two programmes and watch a third recorded as the Arris cannot switch a Sky LNB.

You will only have an auto switching LNB if your parents had other satellite receivers in the house when going for Sky Q. Best just to peek at the LNB, if it has 2 outputs, you will be fine with the Arris 4K Freesat box.

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