Moving from PSNOW + PC to PS5 Console + PSPLUS. Will i lose my progressions? Is it worth buying discs intead of playing in streaming?


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I have just bought the console ps5 while before i was playing only on pc streaming via PSNOW. I had started to play red dead redemption and streetfighter on pc and now want to play them on console. I have two questions related to this transition:
  1. Should i now subscribe PSPLUS only and buy the games i like as discs, cancelling the PSNOW subscription? In this case how can i move the progressions and the results i had got online from PSNOW to the console? Or is maybe all already in the cloud?
  2. I wonder if is it actually convenient to buy several 50-60 pounds games that i might play (together with hundreds of other games) on streaming for free? Maybe is better to keep PSNOW only and play those games on the console whitout buying the physical disc? Are the two version the same game?
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Your PSNow subscription will work on your PS5; some games can be installed locally and behave the same as if you'd purchased them from the PSStore, except that you need an active PSNow subscription to access them.

If you download and install the PSNow game itself on your PS5 then you can download the save game data from the cloud to your PS5 local storage; see guides below.

I do not believe that you need PSPlus to be able to download the PSNow save game data from the cloud.

I do not believe that there is any difference between the save game data for PSNow vs regular local install games.

Have you been playing Red Dead Redemption 1 or 2; the first Red Dead Redemption is only available on PS3 or streaming using PSNow, there is no native PS4/PS5 version available at this time.

PSPlus games work the same way; you need an active subscription to access them.

It's a difficult call as to what's the best value for money and some PSNow games are only available for a limited period of time (ala Netflix).

There are regular sales on the PSStore and you can check historical prices on PlayStation games deals in official store and retailers • PSprices so you might be able to pickup your games for less than an annual subscription?

It all depends on how many different games you want to play and whether you want to play them on the launch date or are happy to wait for a sale, PSNow or even the monthly PSPlus games.

Remember that some (most? all?) games will need a PSPlus subscription to access the online multiplayer features, which may or may not be important to you.


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Bear in mind that you could buy a used copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for £10-£15 on eBay...

If you're relatively new to Playstation games then also bear in mind that a PS+ subscription on PS5 gives you access to the Playstation Plus Collection of games.

Remember that some (most? all?) games will need a PSPlus subscription to access the online multiplayer features, which may or may not be important to you.

For info. free games like Fortnite provide multiplayer without PS+, but paid for games usually require PS+, if not always.
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Thank you very much to both of you. I subscribed ps plus and i think i will dismiss psnow as soon as i have saved my cloud date locally, just not to lose the progression on RDR 2 and street fighter 5.

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