Moving from Panasonic Plasma to OLED


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Feb 7, 2006
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Hi all and any advice to help my fried mind would be great!

Have a 14 year old 42” Panasonic Plasma and I think now is the time to finally move to OLED, particularly a 65”. Will be used mainly for Movies, TV, Sports and Streaming. I don’t game. I also plan to wall mount it with a Dolby Atmos Sound Bar (most likely Sonos)

Had my eye on the LG C1 or one of the Sony’s. Budget all in is around £2k (TV & Soundbar) for everything. I see Crampton and Moore has the Panasonic TX-65JZ980B for £1299 plus £100 del (I live in NI hence the cost). Would this be a good option for what I plan to use it for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
You won't regret it.. I didn't think I would ever see a TV which outperformed a Plamsa but an OLED beats it hands down.. The Blacks are staggering and still impress me every day.

My last Plasma was the 50" X10 and then I moved to an early 55" LG OLED and its great.. I can't imagine how much better the current models are.

Now I have moved into a new house with a bigger "TV Room" my next purchase will be a 65 or even the 77" LG OLED I think..
The Panasonic JZ980, LG C1, Philips 8 series and Sony A8 are all of the same ilk really so its a matter of choosing which is the best price and which matches the pros and cons you like the best:

Panasonic's pros are with colour accuracy, so if you're looking for a TV to replicate the directors intent as much as possible then they are a good choice.

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