Moving from iPhone 4S to Samsung Galaxy s3 help please


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Hi all,

Can anyone provide steps or point me to a guide for moving from iOS to Android (iPhone 4S to SIII) for the following:

Fully backing up the iPhone for the last time and deleting anything on the 4S I am selling

Copying over contacts

Copying over texts (possible?)

Copying over anything else that can be (if anything)

Thanks for any help, I'm going to have to get this done in the next few days.


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There's a factory reset on the iphone which will wipe it.

I went from iphone4 to s3, I used an app called idrive lite, its free so sync over the contacts, go get a google mail account you also use that to sync accounts.

Or use the samsung kies software and this can sync all your musical pics contacts etc from itunes.


Don't know about txt as that wasn't an issue for me
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