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Moving From Galaxy S3 to iPhone 5


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I have ordered a brand new iPhone 5 and it will be coming tomorrow. I currently have a Galaxy S3 and was wondering if anyone had any tips for making sure I had everything backed up and saved from my S3 so switching over will be relatively painless.

Simple things like Contacts etc I assume can just be saved onto the SIM card on the S3 and then imported through iOS? I doubt game scores can be taken over? I have some high scores and having to do it all again isn't a very nice thought!

Are there alternative apps available for viewing your photographs etc.? There's QuickPic for Android which works so much better, allows you to hide certain albums, password protect albums etc. and from memory the iOS app is very rigid and not very feature packed. Would be nice to be able to put some of my own .avi, .mp4 and .mkv files on and be able to watch them on the phone without having to jailbreak it.

Any app I should consider getting from the app store that will make the software a little more flexible or will doing even that require a jailbreak? (Is a jailbreak even available on the most recent software?)

Cheers for any help.


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Contacts wise I'd suggest syncing your S3 with GMAIL, and then doing the same on the iphone. It will then pull in all your contacts including addresses, email etc directly from the GMAIL backup.

Make sure you back up any content, photos music etc to your pc from the S3, then you can move it over to the iphone via itunes if you want to.

Pretty sure you will be losing all your high scores I'm affraid.

"My Photos" is a fairly decent photo folder app, which allows password protection and organisation.


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Will have a look at My Photos later on for sure.

It's a hassle not being able to drag and drop files on an iPhone, would make life so much easier. Plus there are little tweaks they could introduce to make it much more feature packed but they don't and it's a mystery why! iOS needs a big overhaul!

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