Moving from 5.3.0 to 7.3.0 Any experiences ?

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Hi All,

I have been wondering how much better a 7 bed set up might be over a 5 bed, especially as a lot of recordings are 7.1, so less processing to do. I have been looking at location and realised if I use the back wall I could relatively neatly fit some rears at the same level as the remaining stand mounted speakers. I could move the surrounds further round to the x shown in the picture (there is a 3rd sub nearly in the way now, but easily relocated) and fit some rear speaker on the wall with the squares marked up. The angles would be in line for the recommended placement but due to the old fireplace and the RH cupboard the backs would be 155 degrees so just over the maximum recommended 150 degrees. The centres would be 4.5 foot apart across the back wall, so quite close ?

Any experiences of 5. vs 7. ?



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