Moving data from Galaxy S II to Iphone 4s


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I've just bought a new iphone 4s off a well known auction site and want to keep my same number and transfer contacts and text messages amd any other relevant data to the iphone. My plan to do this is:

1. Get the sim cut to micro sim size

2. Put it in the iphone 4s and back up to itunes

3. The phone is locked to orange as is my current Galaxy. Once all the data was backed up I would go about getting a proper micro sim from orange, keeping my same number, and backup the contacts and other stuff from itunes back to the proper sim.

Does any of that make sense or is there a different or better way to do this?

All answers and help appreciated


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Smartphones don't tend to use the sim card to store contacts or messages or any data. There isn't enough room on them, so I don't think your plan will work.

Do you not sync your contacts with google as your coming from android? It's simple to setup your iPhone to also sync to google for contacts ( and email and calendars if you require). SMS text messages is harder to transfer, I don't think there is a way to get them to directly copy to the messages app on the iPhone. I believe there are various apps in the google play store that allow you to export them to a text file or email, which I suppose the iPhone would allow you to read, just not in the messages app.

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