Moving back to Hi Fi system and any use for old amps


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Some 6 years plus ago when very busy I sold my Rega deck, quad amp & Cd system and bought a Sonos speakers for two small room and felt resonably happy. Recently however I moved house and inherited a 30+ year old Hi Fi system with NAD series 20 amp, marantz CD-40 and kef speakers. Out of interest I tried the system (albeit in a much bigger room than the sonos system was in) and was blown away by the sound in terms of clarity, depth of sound and overall quality of listening experience. Unfortunately the amp produces some intermittent interference and loss of sound but am now convinced I need to invest in Hi Fi separates again, starting with a new amp. I suspect it is financially viable to repair the amp but do wonder whether anyone can usmake use such old equipment or does it just go to the tip.


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If its the original 3020 amp, there's plenty of references on www so I assume its still sought after and possibly repairable. Repairing hifi cn be hit and miss but if you get quoted an acceptable repair cost it could be worth keeping otherwise sell for spares etc.

A certain auction site always has loads of 90's amps on at reasonable costs if you want to keep the retro feel. Could be a cool little project !


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....Unfortunately the amp produces some intermittent interference and loss of sound
A squirt of 'Servisol Super 10' into controls / switches may be all it needs.
(I'm not saying it's good, but the Pope recognises its ability to perform miracles).

I too owned the original 3020 (and 4020 tuner). A revelation to many.
The amp is undoubtedly one of the most influential hi-fi products of all time.

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