Moving and second thoughts about taking Virgin to new flat


I am moving to a new flat in a couple of weeks. I have been with Virgin for a few years now and currently on their VIP tier paying £86 (+ extra calls etc) at the moment monthly. I have finished my 12 month contract and am running on a rolling month to month contract, so I should be able to give them a leaving notice!

I have confirmed that the new flat has Virgin connectivity, but I am having second thoughts now, as I am also looking at cost cutting (credit crunch here as well, mate!). I do watch footy on my V+box, but can probably live without it for sometime!

I am not fussed about HD channels. I do like my V+ box, but can't be bothered to pay extra for it.

I am thinking about getting a Sky box with standard ADSL internet! but not sure if that is comparable! I have noticed that Sky is giving their Sky+ box away at the moment for free on a 12 month contract.

Or shall I bargain with Virgin for a sweeter deal and take them along ?

Any helpful advice?


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Can you get Sky Max are your local exchange, and what aspect of your connection are you looking for to be comparable? (bandwidth, ping, usage allowance?)


Can you get Sky Max are your local exchange, and what aspect of your connection are you looking for to be comparable? (bandwidth, ping, usage allowance?)

What do you mean by Sky Max ?

SamKnows shows I have following services available at my new flat. VirginMedia even shows 50Mbps available!
The following services are available in your location:
BT Wholesale ADSL
BT Wholesale ADSL Max
BT Wholesale WBC (21CN)
BT Wholesale SDSL
O2 / Be LLU
Bulldog LLU
TalkTalk (CPW) LLU
Sky Broadband / Easynet LLU
Tiscali LLU
Tiscali TV (via Tiscali LLU)
Orange LLU (Formerly Wanadoo)
Virgin Media (Cable)
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If your moving into a flat, is it even feasible to fit a dish? Is there a communal dish for the building?

If not, Haggle a price based on your current location, and carry a deal to the new place.


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Sky Max is their LLU service with 16Mbps speed and no download cap, and you've got the sky LLU equipment at your local exchange then you can get it.

Looking at their website they also seem to have added slower/capped LLU services that are cheaper. If you hadn't had the Sky LLU equipment you'd have been limited to Sky connect - their normal (BT Wholesale) ADSL Max service.


I've got a quote from a Sky markethall stall in London today, arguably providing me similar (or better in some aspects) service for cheaper than what I'm paying at the moment to Virgin.

I am on Virgin Media VIP pack paying £86 at the moment.

Sky has quoted me the following price;
6x Sky Entertainment Packs (everything)
+ Sky Sports Pack
+ Sky Movies Pack
+ Sky HD Pack

+ Broadband (upto) 16MB "unlimited and uncapped"

+ Sky Phone Line and Talk Unlimited
+ Caller Display

1st Month will have to pay £61.00 and £80.75 thereafter.

Upfront costs:
Free HD Box with £30 installation fee (yes I double checked him) and £25.00 for now telephone line installation charge!

In comparing these to Virgin Media, I'll paying £5.25 lesser, but more importantly, I get uncapped internet at whatever speed I get (who knows I could be moving next to the exchange, though I dont know about that right now) and I get a lot more HD channels (which is a welcome addition but I'm not dying for that right now).

So what do you guys suggest ? I was thinking this afternoon about haggling with Virgin Media to see how cheap they could go, and then based on "a" new quote make up my mind.

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