Moving all Public and User folders to another Partition


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I bought a new laptop at the weekend and when installing for the first time I was asked if I wanted to partition the drive. I thought it would be a good idea so I had Windows OS on drive C and then all data on the D drive.

The problem I have is that it does not seem that straight forward to get all your files to automatically save onto the D drive. I think I have sussed it by going into My Documents etc and changing the location to D.

However, I also want to move the Public files to the D drive but Windows will not allow it. Googling this brings up all kinds of weird and hazardous ways to get around this, but I am not a Windows expert so do not want to mess around too much with the registry - although I will if someone gives clear instructions.

My main reason to move the public folders are so I can map my Apple TV box to them and access all my files.
However if all my files are on the D drive, and the Public (shared) is on the C drive, I wont see them.

Any ideas on what I can do? I am tempted to just start from scratch again and re install without partitioning the drive at all, but if there is a way to safely relocate the Public folder then I would be most appreciative of anyones help.


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Why do you specifically need the default windows shared folder moved rather than just sharing a new folder on D:\?

If the apple TV is connected over the network it shouldn't make any difference to that, is there some program on the computer that isn't terribly well written and will only use the default location?


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Sorry, me being dense. I have set up the ATV to see the files in any directory so no need to change the public folders. Was a long time ago when I originally set it up on my other laptop.

Hopefully I have got the set up right for me now. Windows and programs are on the C drive. Any downloaded files and other media content goes on the D drive.

Thanks for the reply. :)


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IMO MS should give user an option to do this during installation. On my part, I almost always separate OS and data files, just a bad experience coming from very primitive avatar of windows though have to admit win7 is proving a tough nut to crack since beta days.

This is the guide I've successfully followed on other computer and laptops on my house.
Relocate User Profiles- Windows 7

Pls remember : Don't use windows installation to format and partition the drive. This is very important. Not sure but I think it creates another 100MB hidden partition.

Hope this will help.

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