moving a plasma


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I'm concerned about a comment made by Bobbypunk in one of the other threads: that plasmas need to be transported upright. I have to move mine 200 miles and it will only fit in a hatchback on its side (still have the original packing though). Is transporting them on their side a real no-no or just the preferred option? I would rather not hire a van but this would be better than damaging it of course.


they can be laid on there side but not for transporting:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

dont risk it . hire a van


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The risk is that the weight of the glass might cause it to crack. Much better upright, you need hardly give them a 2nd thought. You will be s****g yourself all the way if you lay it down. You could easily get away with it, but I wouldn't put money on that, or at least not £3000!


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Thanks for the input - I appreciate it and didn't know these things were quite that fragile. A van is has to be.


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The other risk that that some of the gases leak out. You'll then get dark area on the screen. Plasmas are gassed up! But it's kept at 2/3 atmosphere which holds the glass in place. So while you might not break the glass, it may come away letting air in to certain areas. End result is the same - a knackered screen.

Best to keep it vertical. Hire a mini-van.

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