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My uncle (electrician by trade) tried to move a BT Master Socket so that his old static caravan could be replaced with a new one but now there is no dial tone or BB and I thought I'd ask on the internet of what people think could have gone wrong.

I've read a few different websites which say although your not legally allowed to move a BT Master Socket (e.g. BT engineer needs to do this), it sounded pretty straightforward to disconnect the 2 wires from A & B (NTE5 socket) and then reconnect elsewhere.

My uncle got BT Infinity installed as a new line into the old static caravan around 6 months ago and recently decided to upgrade his static caravan. He disconnected the blue and white cable from the NTE5 box (blue was A, white was B) and insulated them in a safe location so that the old caravan could be moved out and the new one moved in. After about 3 or 4 days, he then reconnected the blue and white cable to the same NTE5 box to look exactly like before (blue to A, white to B), however there is no dial tone from the master socket now and BB obviously doesn't connect either.

He checked the junction box outside the caravan and the blue and white cables look exactly the same (e.g. no damage from changing caravans). I'm guessing something has triggered back at the exchange which needs to be reset by an engineer but this is certainly outside my knowledge area.


Update: I've posted this query on here as I found an old thread where it sounds like various people have moved a BT Master Socket in the past... Moving a BT master socket and other phone wiring questions
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You say he is a spark by trade? It's 2 wires................. just join through at old location to resited master socket location at new location using either gel crimps or IDC connectors.

photos would help but if the fault is at the exchange then no one other than open reach can do anything about it but my guess is the connection in faceplate is the fault (did he punch it using an proper IDC tool?


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yeah sparky by trade so he thought it would be as easy as u just said. He used an IDC tool and even tried it a couple of times at the master socket just in case.

Don't have photos at hand but there is an join socket outside the caravan (not sure of the proper name) but he said that looks like it's OK and untouched.

Next time he's up he's going to take a voltmeter to check as i think I read there should be about 10 volts at the wires. If not then I think that sounds mean there's a fault or break in connection further back along the openreach line.

Is just wondering that if the master socket is unplugged for a few hours/days then would BT identify this as a possible fault and cut the exchange connection.



It's 50V not 10V across the pair also no they do not disconnect it at the exchange if the socket is disconnected. Unless you stop paying the bill/cancel it will always work.

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