Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many discs you can order from movietyme? Would customs stop them if I ordered 11?
And if so how much is the charge?


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from my experience movietyme ship from the uk!!they just make people think they ship from the states direct to you-they dont!so you wont be hit with customs at all ,no matter how many you order.happy viewing


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Hi there

It shouldn't make a difference as they always come packaged separately. They may also arrive on different days depending on stock levels too. Unless you order a big box set you shouldn't have any problems.

Incidentally you may also get away with a box set - my Band Of Brothers got through fine. Also the general opinion is that they're posted from within the UK anyway.

Hope that helps.



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Now I have my DVD region unlocked, what is the advantage in buying from movietyme ?

Band of Brothers for example, £65 delivered (US version). I can walk down the street and get it for the same price if not cheaper.

Also what is the difference between teh US and Canadian versions and why are the Canadian versions so much cheaper.

Unfortunatly the site does not say.



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bi-lingual covers (I can't stand the french/canadian ones but i like the chinese r3 ones... how dumb is that?!)


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So people are paying £3->£4 extra just so they dont have French on the cover.

And who ever said the English had anything against the French :)


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