Movietyme £1.50 MT Discount Coupon Issued


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£1.50 Discount Coupon Issued to all our past customers.

Dear Customer,

Thanks for placing a past order for with us.

As a way of showing our ongoing appreciation to all of our High Def customers,
we are sending you this £1.50 discount voucher that can be used against any
product off our site - valid for 1 month only.

This discount coupon is valid for anyone to use so please feel free to pass on this code.

To use this discount voucher please follow these easy steps:

1) Place however many items into your shopping cart as per usual and proceed to the checkout area.
Make sure your logged into your account else you will have to do so before getting to the checkout area.

2) After you have entered your details or profile name you will see this text - "Enter a Coupon Code Here".

3) Under Discount Coupon you will see a box to the right, here you enter the code below,
once you have entered this code into that box hit the enter button on your keyboard.

4) Once you hit the return button you will go to the final page of the checkout where you will be able to see
the discount coupon amount taken off the price of your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Coupons CANNOT be used for existing orders nor may existing orders be canceled so coupons can be used.
For use with new orders only - if this happens your discount coupon will be cancelled.

These vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.


Movietyme.com Customer Support

The coupon code is 7a799e87973b

Don't lose the coupon code, make sure to keep the code safe so you can benefit from this special offer.

Greg Hook

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£1.50 received today, if anyone is still using them.
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