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Could some please let me know what to do when a disc gets lost in the post form Movie Tyme? I have left phone message and sent an e-mail a few dayas ago and nobody has contacted me. Are they a bit slow when it comes to lost dvd's? They say wait 14 days on the website it was posted 3 weeks ago!
check the proceedure on there web site (which im sure you all ready have) or send an e-mail to [email protected] she normally responds, i have had about 50 dvds from them and so far no problems, however i have dealt with other companies where the dvds have gone missing and they say give it 30 days and they never showed.
If u paid via credit card your ok you will have to wait 60 days to make a claim inform your credit card on the 60th day and they will send u a form which if u fill it in and send it off within 2 weeks your card is normally re-credited, i hope your dvds arrive



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