Movie Quiz part uno



Well still to access to stills so we'll just go for trivia...

When you get the answer right you can request the difficulty level of the next question.

V. Easy

We'll start off with a very easy one.

Who is the Duke?
John Wayne
correct, next a hard one

He was nominated for an Academy award three times. One of the nominations was for Pawnbroker in 1965. Who is this movie-star ?
Did an obit for him, Rod Steiger
correct again - 1967.

A famous tap dancer who began a film career in his 50's. He played opposite Shirley Temple several times. Who is this screen legend ?
The only one that comes to mind is Fred Astaire but in his 50’s????
Sorry No,

Clue: He almost always had to play servants in the movies due to the colour of his skin
Sammy Davis
Slim Summerville?
Nope, Born 25 May 1878 in Richmond Virginia, died 25 November 1949.

In 1989 the US Congress named his birth date as National Tap Dancing Day

John Garfield works on a gasstation in The Postman Always Rings Twice. Where ?

Name the film: "Lugosi plays the maniacal dr. Orloff who murders his victims via a series of grotesque, brutal slayings. "
He got a pair of black eyes in the capital .:rolleyes:
3-colour technicolour i think was introduced in the early 1930s ????

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